Monthly Archives: June 2011

Performance anxiety

I’ve just been on a stage performing my poetry for the first time in years at the Brighton Book Festival and it was a nerve-racking experience but rewarding.  It’s worse anticipating the event than actually doing it because everyone listened intently and no-one seemed bored.  If I’m honest I thought someone would make me a great offer or I’d have a vast audience but neither one happened.   Reality versus expectations!  Still it was an important hurdle in terms of confidence and I got some great remarks.  People said I was passionate about my words and that came across.  For a Leo knowing you can hold the attention of an audience, however small means a lot so my next step is to complete the book.  Maybe I can read some of the poems on local radio, reach more people.   Small steps though, someone told me that you have to stop and appreciate what you’ve achieved so far before moving on.