Monthly Archives: August 2011

In My Element

After the drama of Friday, a chance to build on the feel-good factor with some unaccustomed Bank Holiday sunshine and a meal outdoors with friends.  A boost to the energy and vitality which all fire signs need, particularly as summer draws to a close.  What boosts your elemental energy, all you fire, earth, air and water signs and how do you go about getting this from everyday life?  How do we get what we need in the colder, darker winter months, particularly Aries, Leo and Sagittarius?

Fuel to the Fire

After a stressful week in a small office it was great to visit the Chichester Festival Theatre yesterday for some of what a Leo loves best, drama and performance!  Not only was there passion and heat onstage the theatre itself is dramatic, obviously designed by someone with vision and an original flair.  It could be Sagittarian in its conception, open on all sides, with lots of air and space.  There are no boundaries.  You’re free to explore just sitting in your seat, watching the ceiling with lights like the inside of a spacecraft or something you might find in the Planetarium.

Watching the play also made me realise how important it is sometimes for a Leo not to just be on a stage (however big or small!) but to do something different and unique with their talents.  Writing enables me to do this and performing my poetry just enhances the whole experience.  It’s the total package.  From start to finish I’m involved which is really satisfying.  However good the cast and play,  I now realise that for me creation is far more important than interpretation.  Saying someone else’s words just isn’t enough.