Monthly Archives: February 2013

Sea changes?

I had quite an interesting trip to Brighton recently.   Not in terms of the shops (uninspiring) or people (too many) but in terms of what people are watching at the cinema and reading.  The sea figures quite prominently too, it’s the reason I went there in part because of it’s healing/therapeutic qualities, somewhere I can ‘tune out’ and let my gaze wander.   Maybe it’s my Pisces South Node, Moon Square Neptune, Saturn in the 12th or just Neptune doing its thing in Pisces.

Anyway I went to see ‘Life of Pi’ in which water certainly plays a starring role, an unusual film with a somewhat ambiguous message which has captured the imagination of the viewing public without big names or a Hollywood blockbuster approach and whose images (3D) linger in the imagination.  You don’t have to think too much and you can get lost in the strange uneartlhly beauty of it all. It has a certain spiritual power, (or is it just seductive?) and as one critic remarked ‘I wasn’t really sure what I had just seen.’  Very Neptune!  It does lack structure and form but refreshes the spirit.  Who would have thought this ‘otherwordly’ visual experience would have such an effect.

I also noticed Susan Cain’s book ‘Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’ is Waterstone’s number one bestseller.  I would put myself in that category and I’ve got the book which has a lot of American references but makes its point more forcefully as the United States is a country which seems to thrive on dynamic thrusting achievers and external appearance.  It’s interesting to see how successful a book is that doesn’t  focus on the extrovert socialiser as the only acceptable way to behave. Something about this has clearly struck a chord.