Monthly Archives: July 2013

Day of the Solar Queen

Definitely a Leo/Sun type day on July 12th.  Went up to the Merchants Hall in Threadneedle Street, London for the Parkinsons UK Mervyn Peake awards.  Very impressive look, lots of heraldry and history, a courtyard where lots gathered, the weather and royalty, the Duchess of Gloucester!  Not entirely sure as a Leo who should be curtseying to who but lots of charm and dignity of course.

Lots of good things, the surroundings, the weather with its golden sun bright and strong, along with endless blue sky.  The stage and presentation with HRH, the certificate and praise for my poem, always a morale booster.  What was really inspirational though was the creative spirit that all entrants showed, despite physical problems.  That inner spark always shines through whatever’s happening on the outside, it can’t be pushed down.  Our sun on the inside, our interior supply of light.