The Impatience of Fire

Winter can be a difficult time for a fire sign, the lack of light and colour (apart from Christmas).  This year I’m waiting for my book to be self-published as well so it seems doubly frustrating.  It seems to me that the earth and water signs are better suited to this time of year, Scorpio with its powers of endurance, intensity and depth, a darker sign in any case and then into December/January with Capricorn, a sign of patience and discipline.  With Aquarius we may be breaking the back of winter, beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, changes in the seasons and anticipation of a new start/ideas.  Then Pisces as the last sign leads us from one cycle into the next, into Aries and the spring equinox, new beginnings.  My book comes out in the spring which seems appropriate.  Earth, the slow movement towards a goal which can’t be rushed.

Let’s not forget the Sagittarius effect in all this, at present the arrow of fire pointing towards growth, expansion, exploration and discovery, a note of positive optimism in the middle of all our gloom and doom.  It always seemed strange to have a fire sign sitting in this place when Aries and Leo are signs occupying months of heat and light.  Maybe it’s the beacon of hope and optimism, the hermit with his lantern taking us towards the end of the year, encouraging us to grow and develop in 2012.

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