Mixed Feelings

As the publication of my book gets closer this Leo is more than a little apprehensive.    A big admission, Leos are not always brave and confident, though their public personna might contradict this.  I guess it’s also a creative project so pride and sensitivity to criticism are there in equal measure.  Not everyone will like it or want to buy it, still it’s actually been achieved and finished (Fixed persistence?). With Uranus currently in my fifth house I hope it’s sufficiently different and original to grab the attention. 

It also got me thinking about the part my nodes in Pisces (South) and Virgo (North) have played in the process too. There’s a strong sense of idealism here and a need for something to be perfect which for me tended to get in the way causing  anxiety.  Still, as Leos  like to paint with broad brushstrokes and creative energy, factors such as editing the book until it’s as good as it can be are a positive use of the Virgo North Node.  The Pisces energy helped with imagination and inspiration but taking a dream and making it real, giving those ideas  form owes much to the earthbound part of this collaboration.  On my nodal see-saw maybe this book represents a sense of balance. 



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