Fuel to the Fire

After a stressful week in a small office it was great to visit the Chichester Festival Theatre yesterday for some of what a Leo loves best, drama and performance!  Not only was there passion and heat onstage the theatre itself is dramatic, obviously designed by someone with vision and an original flair.  It could be Sagittarian in its conception, open on all sides, with lots of air and space.  There are no boundaries.  You’re free to explore just sitting in your seat, watching the ceiling with lights like the inside of a spacecraft or something you might find in the Planetarium.

Watching the play also made me realise how important it is sometimes for a Leo not to just be on a stage (however big or small!) but to do something different and unique with their talents.  Writing enables me to do this and performing my poetry just enhances the whole experience.  It’s the total package.  From start to finish I’m involved which is really satisfying.  However good the cast and play,  I now realise that for me creation is far more important than interpretation.  Saying someone else’s words just isn’t enough.


Performance anxiety

I’ve just been on a stage performing my poetry for the first time in years at the Brighton Book Festival and it was a nerve-racking experience but rewarding.  It’s worse anticipating the event than actually doing it because everyone listened intently and no-one seemed bored.  If I’m honest I thought someone would make me a great offer or I’d have a vast audience but neither one happened.   Reality versus expectations!  Still it was an important hurdle in terms of confidence and I got some great remarks.  People said I was passionate about my words and that came across.  For a Leo knowing you can hold the attention of an audience, however small means a lot so my next step is to complete the book.  Maybe I can read some of the poems on local radio, reach more people.   Small steps though, someone told me that you have to stop and appreciate what you’ve achieved so far before moving on.

Risks and Rewards

Today, I sent my book which I’ve been working on for some time to be assessed by a self-publisher.  It may be rejected or accepted but it’s still an achievement, an experience.   From a blank page to this is a big leap whatever the outcome.  Creative people take these risks I guess, it’s difficult not to be scared because you’ve invested a lot, it’s part of who you are.   All Leos are vulnerable to criticism and praise.  All creative people  put themselves on the line.  So very nervous but will carry on anyway.  Update soon.

That Wedding

I have to confess that this Leo, despite herself  felt proud, even moved by yesterday’s royal occasion.  From the glory of Westminster Abbey and the parade of cars to the glamour of celebrity guests there was certainly enough drama.  Even the music from the soulful voices of the choir to the stirring ‘Crown Matrimonial’ as the couple swept down the aisle added to the overall effect.  At a time of austerity and struggle it’s good for the British to put on this kind of show.  Still I couldn’t help thinking that Leos are not always that confident, there’s always the audience appreciation factor and the anxiety that might creep in when so many of the world’s statesmen, leaders, celebrities and public figures are on display.    Am I being watched and for what reason?  What will the papers show and say?  Where am I sitting and what does that say about my position and status?  Is my hat more flamboyant, bigger than hers?

Leo Diary

The ups and downs of being a Fixed Fire Sign starts here!  I feel that energy is really important for all signs, for air it may be communication and social contact, for water signs it could be emotional and for earth signs it might be physical. For fire it’s probably a mixture of stimulation, vision, motivation and enthusiasm.  It’s been very positive for me to have all these weeks of unbroken sunshine.  Leo being ruled by the sun has meant a chance to renew the batteries with lots of heat and light.  More importantly a recent trip to the Isle of Wight included great weather, a change of scenery and meeting up with like minded, creative people on a course titled: ‘Your Writer’s Voice.’  My writing  spark has been re-ignited, I feel more inspired and of course there’s a great chance for this Leo to read her work aloud to an audience.