Monthly Archives: June 2012

Feeding the Energy

Went down to Brighton today, a place that I often find draining, particularly on a crowded Saturday!  The fatigue lasted as I walked down from the station.  Then I saw the sea in a gap in-between streets and realised that was what I craved, just to look at the water, something healing and therapeutic.  I have an element inbalance, too many people, too much connected with air and fire, communication, writing, stimulation, everything connected with the book just published.  Having ‘Singular Voices’ here at last is exciting but draining, particularly for someone with Virgo/Pisces nodes.  The need to withdraw from all the stress is overwhelming but I know I can’t. 

I only have one outer planet in water and one personal planet in earth so I appreciated the good food at ‘Food for Friends, nourishment for the body,  feeding the body, something of the earth.  Plus going down to the sea of course.  I need more of these moments.