Different Aspects

Producing and marketing my book has been an interesting reflection of factors that exist within my own chart eg the leo need to be creative, to be accepted and gain audience approval, plus the drama/performance element.  Add to the mix my Sun conjunct Uranus, Mercury conjunct Uranus and Jupiter trine Uranus which seeks to be seen as unusual and/or unique, to try something different which might not always be accepted/appreciated. Here we see the energies pulling in different directions, the Leo/Aquarius opposition. One side is saying accept me, the other almost wants to be different, a rebel and outsider. 

Then there’s the Sun opposite Chiron in Aquarius, a problem with believing in the self.  Being creative and different can be a lonely place despite what people tell you or how much positive feedback you receive.  Doubts about your own light still remain.  The South Node in Pisces is not always strong or confident either, though I have used the Pisces imagination and poetic soul in harness with the Virgo North Node practical, analytical, detail conscious side to produce something tangible and real.

Then of course there are all those Scorpio poems, somewhat unbalanced?  Pluto Square to the Ascendant and a twelfth house Scorpio, wide conjunction of Venus to Pluto.  The whole process has made me appreciate how complex something like this can be and how much of the self can be revealed by attempting it.

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