Archer seeks his lady

I read yesterday in The Weekend Magazine that Brendan Coyle from Downton Abbey was looking for love.   The actor himself quoted Plato when he said that  ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’ so it got me thinking about what a Sagittarian might look for in a relationship, the elements that could be involved.

In many ways Sagittarius needs a friend and travelling companion, someone to share the journey with. There’s a lot of fire sign energy  here generally, operating under the influence of Jupiter (Mars and Mercury also in Sagittarius, an exact Sun Trine to Jupiter)  so vision and spirit are important, a need to explore and expand. Wisdom and insight are also present.  This can be a philosophical sign with a depth and breadth of knowledge that ranges far and wide so he needs freedom to pursue his dreams and support causes dear to his heart.  With the Moon in Cancer you can add to this mix the power of emotional motivation and sensitivity so there is a great capacity to give in many areas.  Whoever shares his life may have to realise that a sense of adventure fuels much of the action and with all these commitments there may be a reluctance to say no or to recognise boundaries.  There is also a tendency towards plain speaking, even bluntness though there is rarely malice or unkindness behind the words.  This sign just doesn’t have the patience to dress things up! 

I have to introduce the character of Venus in Capricorn here as well as we are multi-faceted with more than one dimension. We ourselves play a number of different roles.  His Venus in this sign indicates how he might relate to others or behave in his relationhips.  It may even indicate what kind of person he is drawn to.  As Sagittarius is outgoing and positive,  Capricorn can exhibit a certain amount of reserve but also dignity and an innate recognition of their own worth.   This placement can indicate someone who may appear to be something of a lone wolf, generating a subtle mystique that others are drawn to.  Quietly ambitious, they are drawn to achievement and status, admiring this in others too.  These are people who take responsibility very seriously.  Stability, both financial and emotional are also important.  Though it takes quite a while for them to open up to someone, once they feel safe and can trust that person they offer support and protection.  Loyal and reliable,  I feel that the characters of Anna and Bates share certain characteristics here.  They are not overly showy characters, they respect and admire each other and if they can ever truly get togther, will appreciate something that they have worked hard for, which has stood the test of time.


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